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OlyBond500 Green

OlyBond500 Green is a fast-acting, dual component low rise polyurethane adhesive that is applied using the specially designed patented PaceCart Dispenser. OlyBond500 Green is plant-based and has low VOCs, making it an ideal choice for LEED and sustainable projects.

OlyBond500 Green is used to adhere a variety of board stocks to most common roof substrates in both new and reroof applications. It can also be used to adhere insulation board to insulation board.

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PATENT NOTICE: The OMG PaceCart®  dispensing cart and the Bag-in-Box OlyBond500®  Part 1/Part 2 adhesive system, including the adhesive dispensing method, are covered by one or more of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,220,526; 8,113,385; 8,132,693; 8,167,170 and 8,474,658.

Features & Benefits

  • OlyBond500 is and is approved by most systems manufacturers
  • Factory Mutual approved.
  • Plant-based formulation
  • Easy application process
  • Compatible with a wide variety of roofing systems
  • Quick set-up time
  • Low VOC
  • Compatible with many roof decks, substrates, and cover boards. For a complete list select Download 3 Part Specification.


OlyBond500 is dispensed in a semi-liquid bead that spreads to several inches before rising 3/4"– 1" above the substrate. The board stock is placed into the adhesive and walked into place. A chemical cure takes place in approximately 4 to 8 minutes after application, depending on temperature and weather conditions. Contact roof system manufacturer for details.

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OB500GREEN1-BAG "Part 1" = 10.32s/gal "Part 2" = 8.54s/gal lbs
OB500GREEN2-RBAG "Part 1" = 10.32s/gal "Part 2" = 8.54s/gal lbs
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