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Lite-Deck Fastener

The OMG Lite-Deck Fastener is designed to secure insulation to gypsum, all cementitious wood fiber decks (Perma-deck, Insulrock,Tectum®, etc.). It is available in lengths from 2 5/8"-12". The OMG Lite-Deck Fastener is Factory Mutual and Dade County approved.

Features & Benefits

The OMG Lite-Deck Fastener is F.M. and Dade County approved. Deep, coarse thread provides high pullout resistance. Can be installed into cementitious wood without predrilling.


The OMG Lite-Deck Fastener can be installed into cementitious wood fiber decks without predrilling. A pilot hole is required for gypsum.  Hole size is determined by pullout results. The OMG Lite-Deck Fastener must penetrate the deck a minimum of 2".  Using a screwshooter, drive the fastener until a slight depression is seen around the plate, or with very rigid insulation boards, watch for the plate to dimple.

Note: Prior to job bid, contact OMG to perform a pullout test to determine the pullout values.  Also, care must be taken not to overdrive the fastener, causing subsequent damage to the insulation facer.  Fastener must be tight enough so that the plate doesn't turn.

SKU Weight Fastener Lengths Packaging
TFSQ258 32 lbs 2 5/8" 500
TFSQ3 36 lbs 3" 500
TFSQ4 47 lbs 4" 500
TFSQ5 30 lbs 5" 250
TFSQ6 36 lbs 6" 250
TFSQ7 41 lbs 7" 250
TFSQ8 46 lbs 8" 250
TFSQ9 26 lbs 9" 125
TFSQ10 29 lbs 10" 125
TFSQ12 34 lbs 12" 125

Physical Data

Thread Diameter: .375
Head Diameter: .710
Head Style: #3 SquareDrive Flat Head
Coating: CR-10
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